Buying Boxing Gloves – 6 Things to Know

There are literally 1000s of different pairs of boxing gloves available out there. There appear to be very few limitations in terms of the shape, style, weight, size and colour and in fact the options are so many and varied that many people become utterly confused when it comes to making the right purchase for their needs.

In this article I am going clear the whole thing up by giving you 6 very simple things to know before you buy boxing gloves. After reading this article you will be able to go and buy the pair of boxing gloves that will best meet your needs at a price that is right. I will also provide some examples of the types of boxing gloves that I would be happy to buy when equipping the boxers that I work with or indeed for my own training needs.

Boxing Gloves – A (Very) Brief History

When I say there is a massive range of boxing gloves available, I really mean it. In the ancient civilisation of the Greeks, when the first activities that could be broadly described as ‘boxing matches’ took place, the combatants sported ergonomically carved rocks bound to the hands using leather straps and ropes. I’ve not been able to track down any hard facts and figures regarding the safety record of the sport at that time, but I really can’t imagine that it was a pastime that was associated with a long and healthy life like men leather gloves.

The technology of boxing gloves has moved on significantly since the times of the ancient Greeks, and indeed continues to develop. Boxing gloves as we would recognise them were first laced up in the late 1800s, up to that point bare-knuckle boxing was the norm.

Boxing gloves offer protection to both the hands of the assailant but more importantly to the head and body of the assailed. Back in the 1800s, and indeed up until 1950s, boxing gloves were very light and thinly padded, with the average weight barely registering 4oz. The design of modern boxing gloves has been heavily influenced by safety and are therefore quite different from their Victorian predecessors.

6 Things To Know Before Buying

So, what types of gloves are available now and for what are they used? Well, it’s a bit more involved than simply hitting each other in the head! To answer this very straightforward question I am going to provide you with 6 very simple statements like black leather gloves.

What I want you to do is read the 6 statements. Having read and understood the 6 statements you can then continue to read on through the article where you will find further information about the various types of boxing gloves and some examples of those available in the marketplace.

OK, the 6 simple statements that will help you understand the world of boxing gloves are:

Statement 1

Boxing gloves are used for exchanging punches with a fellow boxer either during sparring or during a boxing match.

Statement 2

Boxing gloves are used when working with punching equipment such as the heavy punch bag or punch pads.

Statement 3

All of those gloves available on the market can be used on punching equipment. There are boxing gloves that are traditionally used on punching equipment, and these are referred to as boxing bag gloves or bag mitts, but you need to understand that all boxing gloves available can be used on punching equipment.

Statement 4

Only a certain type of boxing gloves may be used during sparring. These boxing gloves are known as sparring boxing gloves.

Statement 5

Only certain types of boxing gloves may be used during an amateur boxing match. These boxing gloves are known as amateur boxing gloves.

Statement 6

Only certain types of boxing gloves may be used during a professional boxing match. These boxing gloves are known as pro boxing gloves.

So, having established our 6 statements let’s now plunge into some more detail regarding the types of boxing gloves that we have identified.