Do I Need A Website For Small Business Marketing

Let’s start by asking a simple question, “do I need a website?”

Absolutely, positively, yes!  At the very least, you need to have a small business website so that customers, prospects, local businesses and organizations can quickly and easily find out more about you.  A small business website should be a key component of your marketing strategy.

Think about small business marketing this way…

You might not see it as important, but to everyone around you, not having a website leaves a big ugly smudge on your credibility, professionalism and willingness to work with customers.

What if you didn’t own a telephone?  It’s a rather outrageous idea, but in all seriousness, what if you didn’t have a phone or cell phone?  How would that impact your small business marketing?  Would your customers look at you differently?  Would they think less of you for making their lives a nightmare—just to do business with you?  You’re darn right they would!  And all silliness aside, the same can be said about not having a small business website.

But, I’m doing just fine without; why do I need a website as part of my marketing strategy?

Your business has done well over the years without a website.  You’re continuing to grow at a comfortable rate.  Your customers are happy and you’re happy.  Why should you invest in a website?

Sadly, you’re failing to see past today.  The train has already left the station—and you’re being left behind!  Internet usage continues to steam ahead, and people from all walks of life use the internet daily.

In fact, a recent study by the Pew Internet and American Life Project found that a staggering 73% of Americans are online.  That’s over 147 million adults!  And even more importantly, the study revealed that 60 million Americans routinely use the internet to research products and services before making a purchase.  So quit asking yourself, “do I need a website for my business,” and get moving already!

Customers expect to find you online!

You may be comfortable without a website, but the opposite is rapidly becoming a reality for your customers.  They’ve already adopted the web as a standard for conducting business with everyone and anyone.  They expect you to have a small business website.  And in most cases, you simply aren’t “real” to them if your business isn’t online.  A website is a vital component of small business marketing and the longer you shrug off putting up a website, the harder you’re going to have to run—just to catch up!

Small business websites are proven stimulants for growth!

Respected media research firm AC Nielson recently reported: small businesses that effectively used the internet as part of their overall marketing strategy saw a stunning 51% jump in profits.

And a whopping 58% of businesses reported increased growth and expansion because of their small business website.  Proving that in today’s information-based economy, the web is a potent tool.

Even if you don’t sell products directly from your website, you can’t afford to be left in the dark any longer.  From kicking up new business and cutting costs, to reaching niche markets and branding your company’s image—a website can have an enormous and immediate impact on small business marketing.

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